"Steal Your Balls" picture disc LP

OLR-017 * November 2002 * Edition of 214 * $15

214 copies: in picture disc bags with individually numbered stickers.

5 promotional copies: in picture disc bags with individually numbered promo stickers.

10 test pressings: blank white discs with blue line, packaging yet to be determined.


This record was a long time in the making. Since the first time I saw this band and became friends with Curtis we’d talked about doing a release sometime. They recorded a demo that was going to be used, but that idea lost momentum and it never happened. At some point we decided on doing a live album, and set out to get a good recording. There were a couple attempts at recording live concerts, but in the end they were going to be doing this live in the studio appearance on WFMU in NJ so we decided to use it.

The radio show came out killer, to me this bands power is definitely most evident in their live performances. When I went to pick up the master from Curtis and Tina’s place, I saw that they had some Grateful Dead records sitting out. I had recently come to terms with the fact that I was still a deadhead (a closet deadhead for a long time), and we decided to pay tribute to a band with both loved with this release. Hence the title “Steal Your Balls” and artwork…well you get the picture. The art was done by Arik ‘moonhawk’ Roper, another longtime friend of mine (check out his web site for more amazing art), and it was laid out by Pat- who did the awesome design for the back of the disc.