"Bang" picture disc LP

OLR-014 * August 2002 * Edition of 112

112 copies: with 12”x12” individually numbered and printed inserts.

100 copies: mispressed with art problems and skip, with insert explaining story.


This is one of my favorite albums of all time. As far as 70’s US hard rock goes, this is top notch! These guys kind of came out of the abyss in the late 90’s, and set up their own web site, started selling reissue CDs, and became reachable again! One day I was at work thinking about things I’d love to do reissues of, and BANG came to mind right off the bat! So I dropped them an email, and literally within hours we had things set up! I couldn’t believe it, how easy to work with and cool they were about the whole thing!

Things didn’t go completely smoothly though on my end. Tony D’Iorio had emailed me the art files for the album, and I took them over to Jennifer to layout. In my enthusiasm I had failed to notice that they were really small files, and though she tried to warn me I said let’s just do it! When the first run of picture discs came back they looked like HELL! I mean, the art on the back was SO pixilated and messed up. I was heartbroken, I thought it was something I would just have to live with. Luckily (?), though there had also been a problem at the pressing plant and there was a skip in the first track of the album! So they had to repress it anyway, which gave me another chance at the art!

Stephen O’Malley worked some wizardry and rescanned the back cover art, and even moved some things around so all the characters would fit in the circle! It came out killer, and I printed up some inserts on 12x12 cardstock with all the lyrics and the story of the album from the band! I still can’t believe I was able to put out a Bang album, what an honor! Thanks guys!