"Unleased In The Midwest" LP

OLR-029 * November 24, 2004 * Edition of 220

the sleeves variations are detailed below..

5 test pressings: in disco jackets w/ inserts glued to sleeves, hand written labels, #'ed.




The first in the "It's A Fuckin Boot!!!" series, I wouldn't have wanted it to be any other band! Live it, love it, BOULDER kills. I don't need to elaborate. The title for this series comes from a certain midwest record dealer who thinks that anything that you find that he hasn't seen or doesn't own must be.... "A FUCKIN BOOT"! Because you could NEVER have found something he didn't have or know of! "Lemme tell ya buddy, IT'S A FUCKIN BOOT!!!!!!!"


Sleeve Variations

There were 7 different inserts made for this LP, just like the old "bootleg" days, you never knew what you'd see next or what would end up on the cover insert!

94 copies: Biker art sleeve

37 copies: Girlschool crowd #1

20 copies: Jamie with Diamond Head rager

20 copies: Chango Botanica insert

17 copies: Charles MME insert

16 copies: Eating Polish Boys insert

16 copies: hanging in front of Freddies insert