"Ripping Christ" CD

OLR-006 * June 2001 * Edition of 1000

1000 copies, two different sets of booklets and tray cards exist.


I met Jamie from Boulder for the first time when I went to Cleveland with Deceased. The show was at the Agora Ballroom, and King and I had just finished the Witchfinder General 45 we’d done on Old Metal Records, and we were selling them at a table. Jamie walked up, we started talking metal and the rest is history. He sent me some Boulder releases in the mail, and I loved them! To me, it souned like if Eyehategod met Thin Lizzy! They could bang out devastating riffs one after another, but when it came time to rip a lead they knew how! Needless to say, a release with them seemed inevitable too…

This compilation/retrospective CD had been in the works since fall of 1998, and took another couple years to actually see the light of day! At first, some label in Pennsylvania was supposed to release it, but they dropped the ball. I think there was another label who was also interested, but never came through, so eventually it landed near my hands. But, I wasn’t really interested in doing a full run CD of it on my own, so they hooked me up with Gary from Shifty and we teamed up to do it together. He was as much a psycho as me, his first release on his label being a micro CDR run of the Black Death album!

So we hooked it up, and though there was a rather lengthy debate as to the fact that I wasn’t really into releasing an album with a picture of guys giving each other rim jobs on the booklet, my objections were overruled and it went into production. But the people who were pressing it had some problems getting the booklet printed too, and had to use some shitty printer who did a LAME job on the booklets/inlay cards.

The first run of them were very blurry, and cut a little funky too- the edge of the Marshall cabs on the front got cropped off! They reprinted them at another place for us, but by that time many copies had been sold. Unless you have both versions to compare side by side, it’s hard to tell the different pressings, but one sure way is that on the the first run the label logos are much smaller.