"Love Sucks" 45

OLR-004 * November 2000 * Edition of 100

100 copies on pink vinyl with insert in individually numbered custom handmade picture sleeves!


Candy Ass…. I became friends with Candy Ass through the Toilet Boys who I started working for/hanging out with after moving back up to NYC in 1998. The first time I saw them was in Philadelphia when they came down with the Toilet Boys to open a show. They were SO raw and noisy it was wild, they did a Runaways cover that I didn’t even recognize it was so stripped down! They didn’t really catch my fancy, and evidently I even unknowingly insulted they by commenting on their hair, but somehow after all of this we became friends!
I was sitting out front of CBGB one night in spring of 1999 waiting for somebody (who never came) and Candy Ass was playing, and Galadriel and Hopey saw me when they were walking in and said “you wanna come in with us and do our merch tonight?” or something like that… and that’s where it all started.

That night they gave me a copy of a demo tape they recorded with Sean from the Toilet Boys producing, which came out awesome, and their live show had improved ten fold- they totally blew me away! They didn’t have covers even for the demos though, so I offered to make those up for them. We also got together and screened shirts for them which was fun…and during this time we discussed the plan I had to start a label- and I told them I’d love to release something sometime.

But they moved to LA before we got it together, and so when I finally got Outlaw underway, I emailed them and we organized this release of the demo tape onto vinyl via the internet! It came out pretty awesome, totally raw rock! The covers were an ordeal… of course there’s NO WHERE you can get 100 covers printed, so I had to figure out a way to do these on my own. In the end, Jennifer ended up printing them at her office one at a time onto 11”x17” cardstock, and I had to hand cut, score, and glue each one! I also got a pink marker and colored in the logos on the front to give it a little color! Each one ended up taking about half an hour to 45 minutes! The picture on the front is of Galadriel and Sean (the bass player on that recording) for those who were wondering!

They have since continued on their quest for global domination, which has included opening a 40+ city big ass rock tour for PINK in summer of 2002! Where it will end up remains to be seen, but whatever happens, it was fun being a part of the early daze! Thanks ladies!