"Dynomite" CD

OLR-011 * February 2002 * Edition of 100

100 copies: in white cardboard CD sleeves, stickers on front and back, most were spray painted pink on front, not numbered.


It had been a long time since Candy Ass had put anything out, and when they went into the studio and recorded these songs with Sean (Toilet Boys), we decided to make a small run of these CDs for them to sell at shows and send out as demos. There’s three songs on this, it’s got the title track “Dynomite” which is a full on rock stomper anthem, and also features the ballad “Nothin’ Pretty” plus another rocker “Make Your Move”.

I had the CDs themselves pressed at some plant up in Harlem (seriously!) and then for the covers they bought some cardboard sleeves, which we had stickers made for. Then Galadriel hand spray painted most of them in their apartment. These were completed the night before we went to Canada for a few shows, so most of them ended up being sold up there. But that was the last trip I ended up taking with them, and I heard that there may have been more of these made later without the Outlaw insignia, but I don’t know and never saw one so it’s unconfirmed….