"Witchcraft" CD

OLR-002 * January 2000 * Edition of 25

25 copies- pro printed CDRs with custom hand made covers, individually numbered.
Only 13 or 14 copies actually completed.


Another release which I had decided to do because it is just such a cool album that just needed to be shared with some folks. My friend Brian and I were SO into Coven, and again this is one of those albums that doesn’t surface that much even though it was released on a major label, Mercury Records, in 1969. It is just an amazing record, Jinx Dawson is just an incredible vocalist- from what I understand she was operatically trained.

Doing this release proved pretty tricky as far as the packaging, because the LP has a double foldout gatefold cover. Again, I have to give Jennifer complete credit in this area as she was the one who patiently scanned and laid it all out on a 6 panel foldout card which we printed one at a time on the fiery printer. Using the same guy up in Connecticut again, I had the LP transferred to a CDR and printed up to 25 copies.

Funny thing about this is that of the 25 covers that were made, most had a misspelling on them and so I managed to get 12 reprinted with the correction, and those are the only copies that were ever “put out”. I still have 9 CDRs and covers sitting here to put together some day, but of the edition of 25, I think only 14 ever really made it out.

And then the real twist came… I met a guy named Tyler through a friend of mine who was out here in NY visiting, and it turns out that his uncle was none other than Oz Osborne from COVEN! So, in the end, he took one of the CDs to Oz, who thought it was really cool and again though he had declined to be involved with or authorize a full scale reissue of it appreciated the fact that it had been done at all.