"Behind The Mourners Veil" picture disc LP

OLR-019 * March 2003 * Edition of 219

219 copies: in picture disc bags with individually numbered stickers.

10 test pressings: blank white discs with blue line in custom silk screened picture disc bags, numbered.

All releases on Outlaw usually take a bit longer to come together than expected, and this was no exception! It had been out on Relapse on CD for over a year before we got this vinyl version together! One thing that took a while was the art work, it just wasn’t meant for a picture disc so it took some work! Pat REALLY put some serious time and effort into this one, moving around things on the front art so that none of the characters were lost. He did an amazing job, and didn’t stop there- he put together an amazing design for the back too, the whole thing is just RULIN’!!! It’s the first picture disc vinyl Deceased has ever released, so I’m glad we could do it right! Up the tombstones!!!!!