"The Premonition" 45

OLR-003 * March 2000 * Edition of 500

5 test pressing copies with custom hand made sleeves, individually numbered.

100 copies on red swirl vinyl with insert and individually numbered picture sleeves signed by the band!

400 copies on blue swirl vinyl with insert and individually numbered picture sleeves.


Well, when it came time to do my first vinyl release, there really seemed no question of who it should be by… my metal vinyl brothers from Virginia- Deceased!!!! King was the one who turned me onto the joys of pressing vinyl, and it had been WAY to long since a Deceased vinyl had been released- so we put this together. Using the Twilight Zone inspired “The Premonition” off their classic “Supernatural Addiction” album from Relapse Records, and backing it with a non-LP b-side cover of the Iron Maiden crusher “2 Minutes To Midnite” it was an instant classic!

The cover art came from who knows where, in the usual King fashion I think he just saw it somewhere and dug it so that was that! Jim Hunter kind of laid out a basic cover, sent it up to us, we finalized it and sent it off! The 5 test pressings came back on black vinyl, and I put together custom hand made sleeves for those and gave them out to the band and I think Pritchard got one too that zombie!

The picture sleeves were printed in Florida and designed to be like little album covers (not fold over tender sleeves!), but they came unassembled, so I had to buy a hot glue gun and sit at the kitchen table and glue all 500 of those covers! As for the vinyl, there were 100 pressed on a sort of red swirl vinyl (it looks a little pink to me!), and then there are 400 on blue swirl! There are a few in there that kind of turned purple too when the vinyl mixed during production. No two are identical in this run…

I got them finished right before the March Metal Meltdown in NJ that year, so I took the first 100 out to the show with me and had the band sign the covers! A great way to kick of the vinyl adventure, this is the cornerstone of the Outlaw vinyl catalog and one that I’m really proud of! Get one and read the inscription in the matrix, it pretty much sums up the life of a metal vinyl fiend! Thanks King!