Ghetto Ways
"Heart Attack" 45

OLR-016 * September 2002 * Edition of 106

106 copies: in hand silk screened sleeves


Once again, friendship and music come together came together on this release. I had known both Shane and Jenna for a long time, and when they gave me a copy of the Ghetto Ways demo I really liked it and offered to help them do a release! We picked two tracks, and sent them off to get done. They took care of the covers, which came out awesome! They ordered some brown paper bags, and silk screened them which really came out looking ghetto all the way!

When the records were done, we had to go pick them up at JFK, and these records were assembled in the back of Jenna’s car on the way home from there! It ended up getting reviewed in Horizontal Action magazine, and people in Europe went nuts for it- so it sold out really quick. The band ended up breaking up right after it came out, but have since gotten back together and are recording new material for an album that may get released on a European label!