"Ghost of You" picture disc LP

OLR-008 * Februray 2002 * Edition of 100

50 copies: first copies came with 12”x12” cardstock insert, individually numbered.

30 copies: next copies without insert, but with sticker on picture disc bag, numbered.

Last 20: some random copies had inserts, but most just have sticker on the picture disc bag.


The If Only connection was made by me ordering a copy of their first single from guitarist Greg Hart over Ebay. The first single features vocalist Jackie Bodimead who sang for Girlschool, and that’s how it caught my eye. I really dug the single, and after getting it I asked Greg if they had anything else available, at which point he told me the whole If Only saga. It’s all detailed on the insert for the LP, but basically they had recorded an album with Geoff Downes from ASIA for his label with Jackie on vocals, but by the time it was set to come out she quit. So they had to rerecord all the vocal tracks with new vocalist Tina Egan. On top of this grunge hit right when it was released, decimating all in it’s path and leaving If Only without much room in the music scene to work with.

He sent me the CD and I loved it, and we decided to do a vinyl of some of the tracks from the CD. I chose the title “Ghost of You” after one of the songs on the album, which also was a nod to vocalist Tina Egan who had taken her own life in the mid 90’s. The art on the front of this disc is from the booklet of the Japanese version of the CD, and was actually done by Greg himself! I did the layout for the back, it was my first attempt at Quark and it's rather simple, but gets the job done I think!

I absolutely love this band. Even now, a couple years later I can’t get enough of this stuff. I listen to it regularly, and there is a multi CD set in the works on Outlaw to document ALL of this great bands material, including the unreleased version of the LP with Jackie on vocals. Greg is a great guy I’ve been glad to make friends with, and currently is a member of the worlds #1 Thin Lizzy tribute band Limehouse Lizzy! .