The "It's a Fucking Boot!" series:

This is a series of LPs that are contain unreleased live (and sometimes demo) material that are packaged and presented as a tribute to the great 70's and early 80's bootleg LPs that my friends and I used to buy. Labels like TMOQ (Trademark of Quality) used to pump out LPs that looked like these by the truckload- blank white labels in white cardboard sleeves with an insert style cover, they were amazing! Later on bootleggers got fancy and started doing professional printed sleeves and stuff, which were cool too but nothing beat the vibe of these early bootleg LPs, so I wanted to try and bring that back with this "It's a Fuckin' Boot" LP series. If only I could find a way to make the cellophane tape I use to tape the inserts on the sleeve yellow and crack so it looks like it will in 20 years I'd be set! But in time they will get that look, so hold onto them!

"Unleashed In The Midwest" LP

OLR-029 * November 2004 * Edition of 220

It's a Fucking Boot" #1: This was the first in the series, my favorite Cleveland band taped live in....where else?!? Cleveland!

"Razor Leather Live!" LP

OLR-039 * November 2008 * Edition of 200

It's a Fucking Boot" #2: It took 4 years for the second LP in the series to come out, but it finally did! It's a live set recorded in Tokyo by this Japanese metal/punk crossover style band who just write simple, catchy songs that totally rule!

"Vampyre Love" one-sided 45

OLR-042 * December 2009* Edition of 200

It's a Fucking Boot" #3: The first 45 in the "It's a Fucking Boot!" live record series, it's a one-sided single by these California ragers featuring a cover of the Pentagram classic and is etched on the b-side!

"Stalking The Airwaves" LP

OLR-043 * March 2010 * Edition of 200

It's a Fucking Boot" #4: A live radio show put to LP on this Deceased release!

"Cleveland Was MADE For Metal!" LP

OLR-046 * December 2012 * Edition of 200

It's a Fucking Boot" #5 A live LP by Destructor recorded in 1984, a TOTAL ripper from start to finish! And the between song banter is the BEST!!!

"Alive on the Streets of Cleveland" LP

OLR-049 * May 2013 * Edition of 280

It's a Fucking Boot" #6: A live LP by Midnight recorded for the radio on Halloween of 2011.