"Demon Queen" 3-track promo 12"

OLR-037 * September, 2008 * Edition of 150

150 copies: in silkscreened sleeves with hand written labels.

5 extra copies: in white sleeves with inserts taped to sleeve, hand written labels.



This was a limited "promo" 12" we did to introduce the MACH II band, which is a band made up of 2 members of BOULDER and a few other dudes from Cleveland. It was labeled and promoted as a "Livin' Easy" edition which was a nod to the "Die Hard" edition trend that has taken over the vinyl world which is all about making every release on colored vinyl and with 34 different inserts and cramming so many posters, patches, and other misc garbage into records that sometimes you can't even close the damn sleeves! There were no test pressings made for this release, we just took our chances that it would sound OK since we were doing so few it saved us some $$$ not to do them so we didn't. Two of the songs on this release got re-recorded for their full length debut LP, but one song ("Hard Love") is exclusive to this 12".