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Well, the 15th anniversary of the label came and went last year- and I still have yet to get that 50th release done! It will happen one day, you know it will. I've been focused on getting more stuff out on Outlaw Publications, finishing up my third book right now- so if you're interested check out the link on the left. Thanks!


A little bit of news: January of 2015 will mark the 15th anniversary of Outlaw Recordings! I have a special 50th and final release in the works for sometime in early 2015, keep an eye out for it! And in the meantime, I've been busy over at Outlaw Publications, have another book coming out very shortly so if you're interested check out the link on the left. Thanks!


The Outlaw Recordings catalog & mail order is no longer active.

As of 6/25/14 I have decided to shut down the mail order. I had so few copies of so few titles left that it just doesn't make sense to keep them up here. Eventually I'll probably list the handfull of copies I have left on Discogs, and when I do I'll post a link to my listings over there. In the meantime, other people have quite a few of the old Outlaw Recordings titles for sale on there, so go check it out! Thanks for your 15 years of mail ordering and support- watch for the final title to be unleashed in early 2015, the nail in the coffin!

PS: the Destructor blue vinyl is sold out as are ALL of the Midnight titles- figured I'd pu that out there since I still get random questions about those from time to time.


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