Matty Charles And The Valentines

"Matty Charles and The Valentines" LP

OLR-012 * May 2002 * Edition of 100

100 copies: in hand silk screened sleeves, individually numbered, with insert.


I have always had a spot in my heart for country. I mean, I was born in Oklahoma City, and my first LP I ever bought was Glenn Campbell “Rhinestone Cowboy”! So I’d wanted to do a country record on Outlaw, and when Matty and I crossed paths it happened! The first night I saw him my friend Lexie (who took the photo on the insert for the LP) took me to see him at the Living Room in NYC. There were some rather rude people in the back talking real loud while his band was playing, and between songs Matty addressed them and told them if they wanted to talk to go outside! It was hilarious, and his music was great so I was immediately won over.

They had a CD that they were selling at the show, so I asked him if they wanted to maybe do a vinyl version of it. He was into it, and so we got it underway. I had the vinyl pressed, and he took care of the covers- which came out beautifully. He hand screened all of them, we put together an insert for it and that was that. All in all, maybe the easiest to get together and one of my favorite releases ever on the label! Really well written country folk sounding songs that are catchy as hell and stick in my head like glue.