"Farewell To Metal Slut" Japan Tour 45

OLR-044 * April 2010* Edition of 500

All of the 500 copies came with Japanese "insert" style sleeve and were numbered with a number stamper on back corner of white paper sleeve. Here's the pressing details:

200 copies: splatter black/white vinyl, big hole 45, with special autographed "shikishi card"- these copies were only sold at the shows in Japan.

300 copies: black vinyl, UK style 'punch out' center on vinyls, sold via mail order.

1 mipressed copy: a mispressing black vinyl copy without the UK style 'punch out' (this one became a promo copy)

20 promo copies: given away to people involved in making the record, etc. They were all marked "Promo Copy -666" on the white sleeve. Of these 20 promo copies there were some variation: 10 were on splatter with actual left over tour "autograph cards", 9 were on splatter with printed "autograph cards" (not actually signed), 1 was the black vinyl mispressing listed above, came with two unsigned autograph cards.

15 test pressings: splatter vinyl in #'ed custom test pressing sleeves, United Records test pressing labels on these copies dated 3/13/10.

5 extra test pressings: These were 'extra tests' given back to me with the stampers when they were returned. Two of them had plain black labels. All of them labeled on white paper sleeve as "extra test pressings # - /5"




Well.... I guess what happened was that I was up in Cleveland visiting Athenar, and he mentioned wanting to get the Midnight band over to Japan- and I knew the guys from Abigail from when our band was over there touring and figured I'd ask them if they'd want to do a tour with Midnight. They did, and so things got underway fast, and 5 months later we had a split single out and were over there playing the shows. I guess there's probably more to it than that, but that's the basic story! The two tracks are exclusive to this release, Midnight submitted the Quiet Riot 'cover' and Abigail put in a live track for their side.