"Midnight" mini-LP

OLR-023 * October 31, 2003 * Edition of 123

30 copies: "hot leather" silkscreened sleeves, 15 with disco jacket inside of that, 15 without, with inserts

93 copies: silkscreened sleeves, blue tone ink, with inserts

none of these were numbered at Jamie (Athenar's) request.



Back in 2003 when we first put this out Jamie wanted it to be "anonymous" and "timeless" so we posted this story about it:

"I don't really have a story behind this one because I don't know it. I got this material from Jamie from BOULDER, who discovered them. It's totally killer, like BATHORY or HELLHAMMER/FROST with more punky vocals. Jamie made the sleeves out in Cleveland, and 30 of them were leather sleeves, hand sewn by Moms... I kid you not. I will put more about this release if I get any more info, but until then- the music will do the talking."

But over time Jamie came forward as "Athenar" (the one man band known as MIDNIGHT) and so the rest is history. We just wanted to test the waters with this release, to see if anyone would "get it" or care, so we only planned on making 100 of these EPs to see how the response was. The response was great, and the rest is as they say "history".