"Ace Of Spades" LP

OLR-006 * February 2001 * Edition of 100

100 copies in hand silk screened sleeves, with insert, individually numbered.


When I met The Sneak for the first time at the NJ metal fest while Whiplash or Bloodfeast was playing, he gave me a copy of the second release on his Shifty Records label, which was the CD version of this Motorhead U.S.A. album. This is Boulder in disguise, doing a tribute band to one of their biggest influences. Recorded by some guy on his four track sometime in 1998, this is a raw and stripped down version of one of the greatest LPs of all time, and they even recorded the non-LP b-side to the “Ace…” 45, the killer ditty named “Dirty Love”.

The covers for this album were silk screened in Cleveland by Paytosh, with assistance from Charles from My Mind’s Eye. They came out killer… and the stickers for the back cover were printed by Battle Buddy at the Microsoft headquarters in Seattle where he was working at the time! I was really happy with the mastering job GZ did on this, it came out sounding better on the vinyl than I expected from such a lo-fi recording! I was even able to give one of these to Lemmy when I met him in NYC in 2002! Never heard back from him what he thought….

A funny story regarding this LP was also the part about getting the vinyl pressed. I was using GZ in Czech for the pressing of this and the Toilet Boys LP, had them both done at the same time. But when they were ready to be picked up from the JFK airport cargo area, I didn’t know anyone with a car so I decided to take the subway and bus out there to get them. When the guy at the cargo area brought out the 200 LPs on a fork lift and asked where my truck was and I told him I was taking the bus he nearly fell off his seat! It must have been quite a sight, me lugging these things around, because I even had strangers offer to help me carry them on the subway! Out of control… the things I do for vinyl!