Outlaw has always been and will continue to be a community effort. These are the key players in this little family who have made it possible for the label to exist. Of course there are many more folks who help, and to all of you I say thank you!

Most important of all are the bands, without the music there wouldn't be anything! Thanks to all the musicians who have provided the tunes for these releases!

I will never be able to express my gratitude enough.

and as Sabbath would say:

"We love you all."

Patrick Delaney aka "DJ Teeth" or "Pat D"
Layout man extraodinaire.

Pat has been a huge help and instrumental part of many recent releases. He offered to help doing layouts, and I still can’t believe some of the amazing stuff he’s come up with! He is responsible for the visual pleasure on the Theo, Bad Wizard, Vyndykator, Deceased, and The Dying Light releases. He’s a true metal brother and still has long hair so that’s that!

E-mail Pat D.

Stephen O'Malley
layouts and proofmaster.

Stephen is the founder of the O'Malleyvision movement, which involves doing layouts for records which are a real treat to try and read unless you have his vision. He has not used this technique too much on his work with Outlaw! He's helped a great deal, scanning/rearranging the back for the Bang picture disc (which rules!), and doing the layout for the beautiful SUNN double pic disc set. He's also a good friend and we've been known to have some deep talks at the diner where the Seinfeld crew goes on the upper west side!

Stephen's site & contact

layout mastermind.

I couldn't have imagined somebody so perfect could come along to work with, and as you can see from the picture, Chris & Outlaw are a match made in heaven! He did the layouts for the Victor Griffin, Rancid Decay, and hopefully some more in the future unless he forgets how to turn on his computer from raging as hard as he obviously does!

E-mail Chris.

web mistress.

The guitarist and singer of the Ghetto Ways, Jenna also knows how to use Dreamweaver quite well and was kind enough to help set up this site and pass on that knowledge to me! She's a rager and her band rocks so there! Pictured here with her husband Doug Young, Guinness Book Banjo Champion.

Jenna's site & contact

layouts & beyond...

Jennifer was there to help me get this whole thing started. She went WAY beyond the call of duty, doing things like helping to print 100 covers for Candy Ass 45s one at a time! She was instrumental in basically everything up to OLR-007 coming together! She's a great friend and amazing painter, so check out her work through the link below!

Jennifer's site & contact

King of Metal
a metal brother till the grave!

A true metalhead that I can never thank enough for being there in summer of '98 when I needed a friend most! He and Moms were a big part of that summer, and I wouldn't be doing ANYTHING if I hadn't gotten my shit together (or wait...did I get my shit together!?). And also thanks to King for letting me be a part of the killer Old Metal Records resurection, where I cut my teeth in the world of making wax! And yes, he is wearing a "Black Metal Is Gay" shirt!


For turning me onto the joys of music and record collecting, that's REALLY where it all started! And for being so supportive and acting like she's excited when I send her a Vyndykator or Deceased picture disc!

label boss

A title bestowed upon me by Bob Mitchell from Vyndykator, it seems to make sense! Though the term 'boss' implies that this is a business, it's not. It's the most expensive hobby I've ever had, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! I have had a great time doing this label, and have been involved in all areas, sometimes by necessity not choice! Feats of insanity in the name of vinyl have included carrying 200 LPs on the bus and then the subway all the way home from JFK airport on Long Island! The insanity continues....


And to everyone else who has helped and believed in any way, you know who you are, I say thank you once again.

Please see links page for information on contacting most bands on Outlaw Recordings.