"Love Through Blood" CD-EP

OLR-030 * Feb 2005 * Edition of 1000

4 page color booklet w/ lyrics

An EP featuring 4 songs that Victor had and wanted released, so here it is! I think it's better to let him tell the story behind this one, so see below.


Finally “Love Through Blood” sees the light of day. We’ve had these songs on the shelf for close to 5 years. After several attempts to get them released on various labels, Outlaw Recordings delivers! Which is no small decision in my opinion. In this world of so-called tolerance and “believe what you want as long as you agree with me” attitude, “Love Through Blood” will probably rattle some nerves. Unquestionably, the lyrics will be controversial in the ears of some…but what remains is the same heavy vibe that Place of Skulls and bands from my past have all observed.

Southernlord Recordings chose not to release these songs in their original format as part of the “Nailed” cd. Since the lyrics didn’t fit the Southernlord image, it was requested they not be included and suggested that “Nailed” be released as a 6-song EP. This was unacceptable to me and so we went back to the studio to record “Dead”, “Love She Gave”, and The Animals cover “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” to take their place.

After the eventual release of “Nailed”, I heard several criticisms that being right around 40 minutes in length, it was too short for a CD. Its original running time would’ve been closer to 45 or 50 minutes had the track listing not been changed. But in hindsight, I’m glad things happened the way they did. Southernlord took a chance on us when most other labels wouldn’t touch it. I will always appreciate that.

Back then; there was plenty of doubt and controversy surrounding the “image” of Place of Skulls. Many people were completely put off by what they were classifying a “Christian rock band” before they even heard us. This was all based on hearsay and rumuors. Although I don’t deny my spiritual beliefs, I never considered nor desired that Place of Skulls be marketed as a Christian rock band. I naively expected that the followers of this genre would be opened minded enough to accept us as a heavy band with some spiritually minded lyrics. I must say that I was caught somewhat offguard by the backlash we experienced.

So my point being…with the intense and uncompromising lyrical content of the 4 songs on this EP, it’s probably a good thing they were not included on “Nailed”. If they had been, it no doubt would’ve fueled the sentiments of the naysayers even more.

As a result of the past several years of touring and recording, I believe we have broken down some of those walls. Perhaps they were a guard against what some may have thought would be an onslaught of proselytizing by a dreaded “Christian rock band”. Yes, there are definite beliefs expressed in some of the lyrics. But not in the format of preaching or trying to persuade others to believe as me. That’s just not my style.

So having said all that, I want to thank all of our fans who have been there from the beginning…and also, to those of you who at some point, realized that Place of Skulls was a band worth checking out after all. I sincerely hope you all will enjoy this EP.

I will finally say this about some of the lyrics you’ll hear on “Love Through Blood”. They are about as up-front and uncompromising in expression on certain spiritual issues as you can get. I ask that this not put you off. These are simply my thoughts and my feelings being worn on my sleeve. That is not to assume or suggest that you are wrong in your own personal beliefs…only that as humans with our own free wills, we have the intelligence and right to choose. We should simply be able to do that and express it if we desire without some kind of heavy shit coming down on our heads.

As for the recent break-up of the band…it pains me to have gone in that direction and was not an easy decision. But considering the on-going line-up changes and personal issues among band members, for now it seems like the right decision. “Love Through Blood” may or may not be the final release from Place of Skulls. February 18th 2005 may or may not be the final live performance for Place of Skulls. I choose to leave those doors open.

Regardless, thanks for the ride!
Victor Griffin
Feb, 2005