"Presumed Dead" LP

OLR-028 * November 24, 2004 * Edition of 525

500 copies: in glossy sleeve, b/w inner, #'ed on inner sleeve

25 copies: promos, labeled on inner, for the 'fuckin press' and such...

10 test pressings: in disco jackets w/ inserts glued to sleeves, hand written labels, #'ed.




An LP of the first two demos by these Maryland thrashers from '86 & '87- which are just total krushers! Musically, it's in the vein of old SACRIFICE (Canada) and THE ACCUSED- bands of that type. I saw these guys open up for NUCLEAR ASSAULT in summer of '87... 15 years later I ran into Matt (guitarist) while we were watching HOLOCAUST at the NJ Metalfest! We talked, kept in touch, and this LP is the result of that!


Here's a review Rob from DOOMED PLANET RECORDS did of the LP for the Miskatonic Forum:

Rancid Decay "Presumed Dead" lp '86/2004

Outlaw Recordings recently put out a really superb release. This label has a strange taste, putting out Comedy, Country & Western, Trance (Sunn), Motorhead covers album, punk, AOR, Psych (BANG) and for what interests us the most here: some metal records. Well, Omid did a fine job with his Deceased releases, Thor(mostly hard rock style stuff), Vyndicator, Victor Griffin, + some others, but so far, for me, I think he has done his best here with the lp under discussion.

This record is truly primal speed/thrash/crossover metal from Baltimore, MD. Rough, dirty and mean from start to finish, this records just reeks of pure aggression. Neck breaking riffs and raw anger scream out of the grooves, folks, they just don't make 'em like this anymore. This is pure time travel for me. I never saw or heard this band back in the day, but man, there were tons of bands in the pacific northwest in the 80's/90's that fell into this style, and I used to love going to see bands with this sound.

The Rancid Decay lp is a nice 4 color production with printed insert with a whole bunch of oldschool flyers on it to dream about the old days. Don't you wish you has been at the gig where they opened for Possessed and Dark Angel? Or Whiplash & Indestroy? or even better yet, they played with Christ on a Crutch, I know that was a painful evening of adrenaline.

Here we have 2 demo tapes. Side 1 is the "You had to be eliminated" demo July '86. For what it is worth, this side had the best production. But folks, it ain't produced, and we like it that way. Tracks "Time to Fight", Awakened from Death" and "Love to Destroy" tell it all. But on to Side 2, the best one. The "Decaying Stench" demo from February '86 is recorded on a 4 track, and it sounds it. Pure and primitive old rehearsal demo is what this is, with tracks "Toxic Death", "Crack of Doom". Left to Die", "Silent Scream", and "Act of Violence".

A nice job all around and highly recommended.