“Richie Stotts” LP

OLR-010 * March 2002 * Edition of 100

100 copies: individually numbered, covers hand made and signed by Richie, with insert.


I first met Richie at Joey Ramone’s birthday party at Coney Island High in early 1999. Adam from the Toilet Boys introduced me to him as the pyrotechnician for the band, and we hung out for a bit talking about that stuff. It was crazy for me being such a big Plasmatics fan and meeting him, he was such a nice guy I was totally floored!

From that we kept in touch and became really good friends! So in the fall of 2000 or sometime around there I was at his apartment when he pulled out a box of old tapes. We were going through listening to stuff, there was so much killer material that hadn’t been released! I asked him if he was interested in doing an LP of some of this material, which he was really enthusiastic about.

So we collected a few songs from the King Flux days, which was his band he had right after the Plasmatics. King Flux featured a pretty interesting lineup- early on it was just Richie and Jean Beuvoir. But later it was Richie, two of Tommy Hilfiger’s (yes THAT Tommy Hilfiger!) brothers- Billy and Andy, Tony Petri (who was in Twisted Sister and Cities) and a singer named Dino! And for some of the the last recordings, Tony Petri was replaced by none other than Marky Ramone from the Ramones! So this material made up the first side. And on the second side was all Richie Stotts solo material- most of which was performed with Albert Bouchard (from Blue Oyster Cult) on drums.

For the covers Rich came over to my house and we put the covers together. He hand signed each one on the front, and then we took them up on the roof of my apartment building and splattered them with red paint! Another interesting thing that came of this excursion into a box of old tapes was that we also found a song in that box that Rich had written/recorded with Joey Ramone called “Rock and Roll Is The Answer”. Recently, Rich and Joey’s brother went into the studio and re-recorded this song- basically building a whole new recording around Joey’s vocal parts!