"Survival Guide To The Apocalypse" LP

OLR-020 * June 2003 * Edition of 330

330 copies: regular covers, inner sleeves, individually #'ed on inner sleeve.

10 test pressings: in silkscreened black jackets with sticker on back.


The Dying Light album was heavy metal destiny if there ever was such a thing. I met Lino when I was in San Francisco with Enemy Soil for Fiesta Grande in 1997. We were all hanging out at their hotel, and he and I started talking metal and have been friends ever since.

When he and Joey, Brandon D, Brandon T, and Eddie got this band together, there was no question it was going to destroy. All of these guys had been in raging bands, and this was the culmination of years of experience creating extreme music. From the minute I heard the first demo I told Lino if he ever wanted to do a vinyl with me it was done. So when they recorded this album last summer in Florida with Eric Rutan (from Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal), we decided to do the vinyl version on Outlaw.

The cover art is different to that used on the CD. I went over to Lino's place and we chose these from the work he'd done. The test pressings of this come in hand screened sleeves that we also made at his place one Saturday afternoon... the gang all got together and did it. They look mega-cult, but there's only 10.

I can't put to words how proud I am of how this album has come out. Pat D did an amazing job as usual laying it out, and though this thing was almost 9 months in the making, I think it was worth the wait. The end result is devastating. To me this is "Reign In Blood" for the new millenium.

Staten Island Street Metal rules.

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