“Index” LP

OLR-009 * Februray 2002 * Edition of 100

100 copies: on red vinyl, in picture disc bag, individually numbered on label, with side card insert.


Index, or The Index as they later became known were Richard Johnson’s band after Enemy Soil was put to rest. Rich and I have been friends for many years, as I had done a stint as bass player in Enemy Soil when I was still living back in Virginia. When he got this band together I had them come up to play one of the metal shows I did at LUXX, and I totally loved them! They destroyed, and when I got their CD and found out nobody was doing it on vinyl I knew it was destined to be on Outlaw.

Rich printed the ‘card’ inserts that are in the covers, but he had them made before I got him the label logo or catalog number… which created a bit of a dilemma. So that’s the reason that the label information, catalog number, and all that is on a whole label of one side. There’s a reason for everything right?

When this was released on CD a ‘communication breakdown’ resulted in it being pressed without it having been mastered. So for the CD we had Scott Hull (our pal from Pig Destroyer) to master it, and it came out sounding killer! It’s a grind masterpiece!