"Mutant" LP

OLR-021 * July 2003 * Edition of 220

220 copies: gatefold covers individually #'ed.

10 test pressings: blank white discs with blue line, in hand silkscreened picture disc bags- #'ed, photo coming soon.


Wow, where to begin... well, I guess it all started back when I was in elementary school and we started going to this store called Record Convergence in Falls Church, VA. They carried a lot of cool underground kind of stuff, and I think it may have been there which I picked up the THOR "Unchained" vinyl.

Flash forward a couple of decades, and I hear that THOR is coming to NYC! Of course I went to see him, the first time was at the CBGB "Punk Magazine" party, and then over at the Continental. I was floored by his enthusiasm and energy, and the tunes were still heavy and catchy, it was amazing! We talked afterwards, and THOR was very cool and friendly!

About a year later he returned to NYC, this was in Fall of 2002, and I saw him at Don Hill's. After that show we talked again, and this time I told him about the label and asked if he'd be into doing a release. He was totally into it, and within days his manager called me to set it up!

The material this album is comprised of spans 3 decades, and really showcases THOR's different musical styles and work through the years. I really feel like this is album does exactly what this label was set out to do, documents things that may have not seen the light of day if we hadn't collaborated and put this together. It's been great becoming friends with THOR too, he is one of the friendliest people I've ever met in the music business!

This was originally going to be a picture disc LP in an edition of 200 copies, that's why the test pressings are picture disc tests (blank white picture discs). But when I saw the artwork and photos THOR sent over, I decided to go whole hog on this. This is the first gatefold cover LP on Outlaw! When we decided to make it a regular vinyl we were going to make 300 copies, but due to a mix up at the plant, there are actually only 220 of these. I think the old paper work was still floating around over there and caused the mix up, so this will become an instant collectors item even faster now! Hope you got one!