"Mutant" LP

OLR-021 * October 31, 2003 * Edition of 300

300 copies: purple vinyl, gatefold covers individually #'ed.




For those who don't know the story behind this one, due to a mix up at the plant there were only 220 copies instead of the 330 planned when this got originally pressed on black vinyl, so it got blown out quick! I had extra covers they'd shipped over, and orders going unfilled- so we did the version of the LP on purple vinyl.

For those who purchased the first edition, please don't fret- you have something unique in your hands! As stated in the labels' mission, there's never going to be straight 'respressings' done at Outlaw! This is a special circumstance, and I had already released the 220 black vinyls as the first edition before they responded about the mix up.