"Toilet Boys" LP

OLR- 007 * February 2001 * Edition of 100

100 copies in black spray painted sleeves, with insert, individually numbered.

3 copies in white spray painted sleeves, with insert, individually numbered.


I had been working for the Toilet Boys for a couple years doing their pyrotechnics and tour managing, and we’d often discussed doing something on Outlaw for them. In the end, the material we used to put this together was some old demos that had been sitting in the vaults. Many of these songs ended up on later LPs, but all versions on here are unique to this LP. This was their first full-length vinyl LP and features 8 songs, including Deep Purple & Ramones covers! I love this album, to me it is some of their best material- very rock, no frills. They’re a great bunch of guys I had some really good times with.

The covers for this proved to be another crazy experience. I’d decided to go for a really ‘street level’ stripped down package, kind of the antithesis of all their other releases which had very elaborate colorful layouts. So I cut out a stencil of a logo I came up with (a very basic ‘old english’ style font), and bought some plain black sleeves and silver spray paint to assemble them. Problem was, it was middle of winter, and you can’t spray paint in the cold. So I had to do them inside, and I chose the bathroom so it wouldn’t stink up the house. I lost a few (more) brain cells during that process…

There were 3 extra vinyls after I’d put together the 100 copies, so I made 3 copies with alternate sleeves. These are in white jackets with the same design… came out pretty cool!