"Late For An Early Grave" CD

OLR-035 * April 2005 * Edition of 2000

2000 copies: CD w/ 6 panel booklet.




The CD version of this collection features 12 unreleased demo tracks s recorded through the years by Victor Griffin, a purveyor of the modern doom guitar sound!! His work in the bands PENTAGRAM, DEATH ROW, and PLACE OF SKULLS has been recognized worldwide as some of the heaviest, killer doom ever created! This LP contains demo material that had been circulating among fans for years and is now finally being committed to a more concrete form than a 10th generation dubbed cassette tape!

Bonus tracks that are not on the LP are: "Pistonhead" and "Haywire".

This was the largest run title ever on Outlaw, at the time my distributor was convinced they could "move 1000 easy".....So we pressed 2000 copies up, and I think that particular distributor ended up selling less than 200 of them! Not a big deal, I love this CD and am glad to have copies around so that people can still order it, it's a classic!