"Heaven Sent From Hell" picture disc LP

OLR-018 * December 2002 * Edition of 214

214 copies: in picture disc bags with individually numbered stickers.

10 test pressings: blank white discs with blue line, packaging yet to be determined.


King from Deceased is the man who turned me onto these guys. I was bringing Deceased up to do a show at Luxx and he asked if they could be on the bill. I always trust his judgement, and so I said of course, bring them! I had no idea what to expect, I knew Bob Mitchell had been the singer for Attacker, but I’d never heard them. I was blown AWAY!! They were amazing live, and such nice guys too- we had a blast!

That very night we discussed having the vinyl of their album come out on Outlaw when it was done, and it did! The art for this one is pretty wild, it’s a photo of an actor who went on to become pretty famous from an old silent movie from around 1919 or something. Pat went wild on it though, and manipulated it so he ended up looking like the guy from the 80’s horror classic “Maniac”! Came out looking awesome, above and beyond my visions!